Is LCES Dead?

The following thoughts and observations are derived from my own perspective that is based on 25 seasons filled with two shelter deployments, plenty of near misses, getting hit with branches because I was mesmerized by how awesome falling a burning snag is, falling asleep while driving, falling out on hikes (because I suck at hiking, smoke too much). Oh yeah, as well as one divorce and four or five failed relationships.

Heat Stress: It’s Not Just about Drinking Water

Content Provided by National Technology and Development Program (NTDP) Heat Stress. Heat Cramps. Heat Exhaustion. Heatstroke...  Heat-Related Injury (HRI). More than likely, you’ve heard these terms or possibly experienced symptoms yourself? At some point, we’ve all probably been on a hillside somewhere (listening to or) assisting with a medevac for a possible heat-related injury. If … Continue reading Heat Stress: It’s Not Just about Drinking Water

Thinking Outside the Stratosphere

On any given day we have contingency plans for our contingency plans and this current pandemic although unprecedented in scale, is exactly the sort of thing that our community has the capacity to navigate. The trick is recognizing and accepting that we cannot continue moving forward as if all things are normal, things are most certainly not normal. The term “think outside the box” might need to be expanded to “think outside the stratosphere.”