Writing Wrongs

People died fighting fire last year. Quite a few. Each one of them matter. Each one of them count. Whether those individual human lives are reflected in the final figure after the excruciating task of tallying up the "numbers" is done, the living are the one’s left to create meaning out of tragedy.

Fuel Geyser Awareness Project Updates

By Paul Keller There’s updated news on the “Fuel Geyser Project” front. The U.S. Forest Service National Technology and Development Program’s National Fuel Geyser Project’s ongoing efforts to minimize injury to employees from fuel geysering recently posted a range of insightful information on their activities. The “National Fuel Geyser Awareness” program is a function of … Continue reading Fuel Geyser Awareness Project Updates

How We Roll

Here is more from our forthcoming 2018 Incident Review Summary. By Travis Dotson In 2018 we collected 17 reported Rollover Incidents. Mostly Water Tenders and Dozers (5 each). The others were chase vehicles, an Engine, a UTV and an ATV. Almost all of the rollovers involved slipping off the road shoulder. We move big heavy … Continue reading How We Roll

Tree Trauma

By Travis Dotson "Hit by Tree" events are a difficult topic. We have had a series of tragedies in recent years. We’ve endured eight fatalities in the last four years. We’ve had one hotshot die in "Hit by Tree" incidents each summer for the past three years. Each instance is heartbreaking. These events are sometimes … Continue reading Tree Trauma