Is LCES Dead?

The following thoughts and observations are derived from my own perspective that is based on 25 seasons filled with two shelter deployments, plenty of near misses, getting hit with branches because I was mesmerized by how awesome falling a burning snag is, falling asleep while driving, falling out on hikes (because I suck at hiking, smoke too much). Oh yeah, as well as one divorce and four or five failed relationships.

Breaking Down the Walls that Isolate Us

A wildland firefighter shares his personal story surrounding mental health and addiction in hopes it will help us all to better understand each other and build a path forward. Content Warning This revealing personal narrative includes the topics of addiction, overdosing, and suicide. If you’re feeling suicidal, talk to somebody. Call the National Suicide Prevention … Continue reading Breaking Down the Walls that Isolate Us

Suicide: Behavioral Health Advisory

The following is an advisory circulating in the wildland fire community. Fire and Aviation Management Behavioral Health Advisory   Subject: Caring for our own: Suicide Prevention and Behavioral Health Distribution: Fire & Aviation personnel, Nationwide Discussion: Suicide rates are increasing in this country, and while we do not have specific numbers, tragically, suicide affects our … Continue reading Suicide: Behavioral Health Advisory