Forum Instructions

Currently, there is a flood of information being disseminated throughout multiple agencies/entities, along with countless groups and taskforces working to find solutions for operational concerns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. This space serves as a platform to communicate questions, ideas, and solutions. Please be respectful of one another within these discussion forums.

Instructions to submit a question:

  1. Title your question/comment/solution
  2. Write your content, including hyperlinks if relevant
  3. Choose the category where it belongs
  4. Choose relevant tags
  5. Input prompted information
  6. Submit


Instructions to submit an answer/reply:

If you would like to respond to someone’s question the most user-friendly way to do so is by utilizing the “answer” box rather than the “reply” box. When you use the “answer” box you’ll have the ability to include hyperlinks as well.

This platform currently does not allow for the uploading of documents, only hyperlink sharing.