Perfecting the Art of Leadership and Learning

“What I couldn't change as a hotshot superintendent, I tried to influence as an FMO. And then, when I reached the limits of an FMO, I knew that I had to think bigger and about where I could have more influence. So, I went to WFAP with 450 students a year. I could directly influence future generations of leaders, managers, and FMOs . . .”

Promoting a Prescribed Fire Workforce

It’s clear that our firefighters are spending more and more time away from their home units, engaged in difficult and extended fire assignments, and have very little time to also be responsible for implementing the needed prescribed fires back home . . . Every reason for not burning can be overcome when you have a workforce who is dedicated to getting it accomplished. This isn’t magic. It’s how all work gets done. You make it the priority duty for that work team or group of employees . . . In this way, we can start to reduce the risk to our future workforce.

Be Nice

Our fireline social structure is just a scrambled version of high school. But in this environment the consequences of that behavior are drastically more severe—like your buddy in a casket severe. Communication is essential. Be nice.