Painful Progress

Growth from the ashes of Yarnell occurred on many fronts in many individual lives. In most cases, preceded by dark days and deep despair. Not everyone made it out of the hopelessness. But as a community, can we claim any sort of cultural catharsis? I submit that we can.

Insights on “Bias” and “Diversity”

I think that a community of people have to mutually agree and respect each other’s differences and have that painful conflict that comes with diversity. I think we can do that respectfully. We’re going to have to accomplish this sooner than later because, for lots of reasons, we’re getting to a place where it’s not sustainable to continue doing things the way that we have been.

Promoting a Prescribed Fire Workforce

It’s clear that our firefighters are spending more and more time away from their home units, engaged in difficult and extended fire assignments, and have very little time to also be responsible for implementing the needed prescribed fires back home . . . Every reason for not burning can be overcome when you have a workforce who is dedicated to getting it accomplished. This isn’t magic. It’s how all work gets done. You make it the priority duty for that work team or group of employees . . . In this way, we can start to reduce the risk to our future workforce.