Not Unique

Many of us are drawn to this work in pursuit of intensity. Our life outside the job is often just a different flavor of intensity (not always in a healthy way). Our emotional struggles aren’t always directly associated with the job. But aspects of our profession complicate our ability to effectively tackle these types of issues—regardless of their origin.

Be Nice

Our fireline social structure is just a scrambled version of high school. But in this environment the consequences of that behavior are drastically more severe—like your buddy in a casket severe. Communication is essential. Be nice.

Dirt Currency

[This is Travis Dotson's “Ground Truths” column that appeared in the 2021 Spring Issue of Two More Chains.] By Travis Dotson Have you recently been part of a who’s gonna get that job discussion? It amazes me how much we love this particular prattle. We spend many minutes gaming out the probable outcome of various … Continue reading Dirt Currency

The Repeats

Please resist the urge to use Bad Math, which goes like this: “This one thing happened and then this other thing happened, so I will make a random correlation and spout some overused catchphrase (‘They lost SA’) as if it were an actual solution and expect people to listen because I have a belt buckle.”

Hot Water

[This is the "Ground Truths" from the Spring 2020 Issue of Two More Chains.] Hot Water By Travis Dotson Recently, I was prompted to ask myself “Who do I want to be during this pandemic?” I immediately recalled one of many staff ride integrations I have been so fortunate to experience. (If you have yet … Continue reading Hot Water