Dirt Currency

[This is Travis Dotson's “Ground Truths” column that appeared in the 2021 Spring Issue of Two More Chains.] By Travis Dotson Have you recently been part of a who’s gonna get that job discussion? It amazes me how much we love this particular prattle. We spend many minutes gaming out the probable outcome of various … Continue reading Dirt Currency

The Repeats

Please resist the urge to use Bad Math, which goes like this: “This one thing happened and then this other thing happened, so I will make a random correlation and spout some overused catchphrase (‘They lost SA’) as if it were an actual solution and expect people to listen because I have a belt buckle.”

Hot Water

[This is the "Ground Truths" from the Spring 2020 Issue of Two More Chains.] Hot Water By Travis Dotson Recently, I was prompted to ask myself “Who do I want to be during this pandemic?” I immediately recalled one of many staff ride integrations I have been so fortunate to experience. (If you have yet … Continue reading Hot Water