Firing Device Mishaps

[The 2023 Summer Issue of Two More Chains invited its readers to study several fires that they may not recall—or maybe never even heard of. These fires all had firing operation incidents. This short feature on “Firing Device Mishaps” was included in this Two More Chains issue.]

Visit the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center Incident Review Database to check out these stories about when firing devices either caught on fire at an unintended time in an unintended location, or when the wrong tool was used for the wrong purpose.

Edison Rx Firing Device Incident 2018

During firing operations in Shaver Lake, California, a hand throw firing device ignited in a pouch on a firefighter’s line gear, fully igniting the pack while they were wearing it.

Fuel in Bladder Bag 2011

To facilitate pile burning, an igniter filled a Fedco bladder bag with fuel mix to use as an ignition device and experienced a flashback of flame.

Bosque Ditches Prescribed Fire Burn Injury 2005

While burning ditches at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, a firefighter was injured when a FIRE QUICK flare ignited in his pants pocket.

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