Fiddlers Island Road Burnout

[The 2023 Summer Issue of Two More Chains invited its readers to study several fires that they may not recall—or maybe never even heard of. This short summary of the “Fiddlers Island Road Burnout” incident was one of these writeups that originally appeared in that Two More Chains issue.]

This is the story of a single firing operation on a Type 2 fire in Georgia. It’s fascinating because it shares a range of perspectives. Some people experienced it as a life-threatening entrapment while others wondered why a review was being conducted for something so ordinary.

“The most intense time for E-5 was when they heard a helicopter ask, ‘Where would you like me to drop?’” DIVS C responded with, “How do I know, I have fire all around me.”

Also, this:

“The Safety Zone, which was located at Fiddlers Island dip site on the south end of Fiddlers Island Road, was approximately two acres. Located in the Fiddlers Island dip site was an alligator and her four hatchlings. This mother alligator was starting to lose her fear of humans.”

One Lesson from this Report

“Throughout the wildland fire community, there remains a disparate use and definition of various terms such as entrapment, burnover, deployment, etc. Managers need to recognize this and efforts need to continue to standardize terms.”


To see the Fiddlers Island Road Burnout Report:


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