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“What are the latest trends?”

We get asked this a lot at the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center (LLC). It can be tough to declare something a trend. To say it’s a trend means we have enough data points or incidents which have occurred over a long enough period of time to indicate a definitive increase or decrease in occurrence.

Is it a trend if we see a cluster of similar incidents in a relatively short time?

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

It could also be the result of increased reporting. In the two decades since the LLC was created, we have seen an increase in “reporting” or lesson sharing. Evidence shows submissions of Rapid Lesson Sharing documents is trending up. Each RLS or other learning report is a rich data point for our LLC Analyst to explore.

While a cluster of similar events may not necessarily be enough to call a trend, it is worth a focused analysis of the events and the recurring lessons. Often a clear recommended action is revealed and needs to be highlighted. From this concept, our latest project is born – Data Points.

Data Points is a new publication produced by the LLC to feature a collection of similar events or lessons signaling a need for a specific action. The action can be super simple.

Carry a soft stretcher on the fireline.

Don’t over tighten your lug nuts.

Carry a strobe light on the fireline.

These types of lessons have been noted in multiple reports and Data Points pulls them all together for a quick tangible call to action.

Buy soft stretchers. Train how to use them.

Buy torque wrenches. Train how to use them.

Buy strobe lights for field going personnel.

Our intent is that after reading Data Points, fire leaders at all levels will be inspired to act.

Check out the first edition of Data Points which highlights recent reports that all recommend carrying a soft stretcher on the fireline. Download the report here: https://wildfirelessons.blog/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/DataPoints-Feb2023.pdf

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