Trees Through Windows

The picture above is from an incident in 2019 (Beeskov Fire Vehicle Accident). While driving, the tip of a downed tree along the side of the road broke the driver’s side window and came through the cab, narrowly missing the driver’s neck.

A similar incident recently occurred in 2022 (Cedar Creek Fire Passenger Impaled by Tree):

This incident occurred when the tip of a downed tree on the side of the road came through the open passenger’s side window on an engine and punctured the arm of the passenger.

Another quote from a similar 2016 incident (UTV Spring Pole Near Miss):

“A spring pole had entered the top, forward, and right portion of my UTV’s roll cage.

The spring pole deflected against the rear window (behind the passenger’s head), bending the metal head rest and continued to arc down along the seat to the left, eventually ending up pressing across my lap (driver’s side)—with the tip protruding about three inches outside the door frame.”

What To Do?

When you are out driving, if you happen to see a tree limb jutting out from the side of the road–think of these instances. Stop and mitigate the hazard (move or cut the protruding limb).

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