HOW are You Teaching and Learning?

[This article initially appeared in the 2022 Spring Issue of Two More Chains.]

So, what does “Be Accountable – Take inventory on what and how you are teaching and learning” really mean? Another way to say this might be: What’s your part in the learning system?

Time spent thinking about training and learning should generate an inventory that includes more than your red-binder S-classes and your annual fire refresher. Hopefully, your list also includes things like: briefings, AARs, and activities such as Six Minutes for Safety.

Your list may not include all the moments in between these “formal” learning moments.

Are you learning—or teaching—when you’re staged at DP20 or mopping-up on DIV D? Absolutely. As you engage with your fellow firefighters and share observations and judgements it’s possible you’re teaching as much as you’re learning. Tone and demeanor speak volumes.

Reminders to “Set the Example” are contained in Duty, Respect, Integrity. Other examples of this critical learning have been reflected on before:

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