Who Needs to Know?

[This information was originally featured in the “Invigorating the Learner in You” Spring 2022 Issue of Two More Chains.]

Got a Simple Tip? Share It!

It’s important to remember that sharing

a lesson doesn’t always have to be associated with an accident or close call.

See these examples below:


Communication Tips


Poor cell coverage?

Get some “Window-G’s”.

Cell Service Boost RLS (2020)

Trouble getting seen?

Use a strobe.

New Signaling Tools RLS (2018)

The use of a strobe is featured in this FLA.

Gales Fire Extraction FLA (2021)

“Riley went back to his discarded pack and dug out his strobe light. With the strobe shining, [the helicopter] was able to pinpoint his location.”


To Share Your Lessons in an RLS is Super Easy:



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