The Updated 2022 ‘Preparedness Guide for Wildland Firefighters and Their Families’

The newly updated 2022 “A Preparedness Guide for Wildland Firefighters and Their Families” is now available.

This thorough and super helpful 21-page guide, produced by the NWCG Mental Health Subcommittee, is intended to support everyone from entry-level firefighters starting this season for the first time, to those folks who are about to retire.

The publication provides honest information, resources, and conversation-starters to give wildland firefighters—and their families and support networks—helpful tools for being better prepared for the fire season, as well as for the realities of significant—and sometimes unexpected—transitions.

The publication’s content, designed to help you make informed decisions throughout your firefighting career, covers:

  • Hazards and risks associated with wildland firefighting.
  • Topics and ideas for necessary discussions with family and friends about your wildland firefighter job.
  • Resources for peer support, individual counsel, planning, and response to death and serious injury.
  • Organizations that support wildland firefighters and their families.

 Here’s the link to your 2022 “A Preparedness Guide for Wildland Firefighters and Their Families”:

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