Castolon Fire Review

Fire burning historic structures

On May 22, 2019, two historic structures in the Castolon historic district of Big Bend National Park burned in a wildland fire.

Below is a Story Map that chronicles this event.

As you review this story, put yourself in the role of the Initial Attack IC or being on the crew of a responding engine.

You can find the full report on the 2019 Castolon Fire here:

One thought on “Castolon Fire Review

  1. “2045 hrs: BIBE Dispatch reports fill on the Type 3 IC order- reporting 0730 next morning. Two Type 6 engines from TFS came back Unable to Fill (UTF).”

    This is due to TFS considering those portions of Texas traditionally considered to be Region 3 as Region 8. Therefore, a search in IROC (ROSS at that time) for available Type 6 engines would have only brought up their engines and possibly TIFMAS engines in West Texas. They would have had to search adjacent dispatch centers to find the several Federal and contract Type 6 engines available and in service at that moment in time.

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