Engagement Dilemma

As the Operations Section Chief What Do You Do?

Here’s a prime opportunity to learn from—and apply—lessons from past Rapid Lesson Sharing (RLS) reports to our current challenges and activities today—and into the future.

This August 2015 “Engagement Dilemma” RLS focuses on the Cougar Creek Fire and tells the story of how the Incident Management Team successfully prepared for and responded to a forecasted “once in a 30-year wind event.”

One of its Key Lessons:

The deliberate, patient approach displayed by the Incident Management Team during this event contributed to an operational tempo that allowed and encouraged personnel to “go slow to go fast.”

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2 thoughts on “Engagement Dilemma

  1. Great opportunity to learn from the past. With all of the challenges we are facing this year with COVID, limited resources and epic fire growth, tactical pauses can often yield more favorable outcomes. Thanks for revisiting past lesson and keeping the learning alive.

  2. This is great. It’s nice to get some lessons learned from successes. Clever and strategic decisions that led to good outcomes.

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