Important Numbers From 2019

By Travis Dotson

Here are some numbers from 2019. That is all, just numbers.

We tally stuff up at the end of each year to inform our focus areas in the coming year.

Are the numbers useful? Well, only if they are used. (That is a super subtle nudge for you to DO something with the information below.)


9 Fatalities in 2019

We all participate in the activities listed above — have you gamed-out a plan for a bad day during normal ops?

16 Burn Injuries and 14 Hit by Tree Incidents in 2019

Ash pits — more dangerous than you might think.

Mulch Fire Ash Pit Burn

What’s in your pack?

East Evans Creek Tree Strike

PT and driving are daily operations — are you acknowledging the risk involved?

7 PT Incidents and 15 Vehicle Accidents in 2019


2019 Vehicle Accident Images

OK, there you go…some numbers to ponder.

All these numbers and images are part of a 2019 infographic — you can get the pdf version here: Annual Review Summaries.

Print it and hang it up someplace where it might do some good. (This is a less subtle nudge about how to put this information to good use.)


4 thoughts on “Important Numbers From 2019

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  2. Thank you for what was no doubt a lot of work and research!! Numbers matter! How about the number of Wildland Firefighter suicide deaths?? Where are those numbers??

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