Scouting & Lookouts – A Lesson Packet

Are you ready for a lesson re-mix and re-issue? Here you go.


What follows is a simple list of related resources, a “packet of lessons” if you will.

The intent is that you will use these lessons to conduct a training session of some sort.

The topic is “Scouting and Lookouts.”

We have to scout in order to establish LCES — which means we sometimes don’t have LCES while scouting.

Lookouts don’t always have great LCES for themselves. You can’t always have a lookout for the lookout.

These are the dilemmas, the reasons we want to train on this topic.

Here are some resources you can mix and match to your heart’s delight. Make sure to discuss what you think with the people you share a med kit with.

Podcast: Scouting…High Risk? – 30 minutes of chatter on the joys and dangers of scouting. Listen, Laugh, Learn.



Screen Capture from podcast page

Link to podcast:

TED Ed – Horse Park Entrapment – If you have not experienced a TED Ed before, this is a good place to start.

Be sure to watch the video, then click on Think, Dig Deeper, and Discuss to access the exercises.


Horse Park TED Ed Home Screen

Use this link: Horse Park TED Ed

Video: Close Call – What You Can Learn From the Ahorn Fire Shelter Deployment – A 15-minute video about a lookout who became entrapped.


Horseshoe 2 Entrapment FLA – A 20-page report about two lookouts who had to run from their lookout spot when a firing operation went bad.


Use this link: Horseshoe 2 Entrapment FLA

Podcast: The Bull Fire Entrapment – A firsthand account from a lookout who had to run.


Screen capture of Bull Fire Podcast

Link to podcast:

There you have it- that’s the short list of Scouting and Lookout related products.

Use them wisely.

Please let us know what you think about this “Lesson Packet” in the comments.

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