NEW! NWCG Standards for Transporting Fuel

Warning: Your “To Do” list is about to grow.

There’s a brand new NWCG publication on “Standards for Transporting Fuel”: Go through this super informative pub and study its standards and various insights. Then go through your gear, evaluate your current equipment and practices—and adjust accordingly.


Cover of “Standards for Transporting Fuel.”

You’ll see that this document, developed by the NWCG “Ground Ignition Subcommittee,” nwcg standards for transporting fuel_fuel geyser warningestablishes standards and inspection criteria for the ground transportation of gasoline, mixed gas, drip torch fuel, and diesel. It includes major updates to military-style plastic jerricans as well as updated regulatory detail. Attention to fuel geysering is also highlighted because–geysers happen and there have been some serious injuries–click here to see a few: Fuel Geyser Incidents.

Check out the Table of Contents. It includes chapters on everything from plastic fuel containers and drip torches to aluminum fuel bottles and steel drums.


Table of Contents (This screen shot includes only the first 20 pages out of 80.)

NWCG Standards for Transporting Fuel– check it out.

In the area of fuel transportation standards – not knowing is no longer an excuse.




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