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By Paul Keller

The recently released “East Evans Creek Tree Strike Lessons Learned Review” has lots of important lessons and insights. A firefighter was struck and severely injured by a falling snag at two in the morning. Firefighters from multiple crews came together to enact a successful extraction in the dark using multiple means of patient transport.


Layout of the Accident Scene

A key learning tool in this report is a two-page “Firefighter Lessons Learned Tear Out Sheet”.

Found on page 31 of the LLR, this “Tear Out Sheet” is designed to aid you and your crew to continue the conversation regarding this incident. Use these two pages to pursue your own follow-up training. Discussion topics in this stand-alone document include: “Keys to this very successful extraction”, “Innovation”, “Training”, and “Use of the 8-Line”. These are key topics to consider and discuss about how they relate to you and your crew.

This helpful learning tool also has input/quotes from those folks who were directly involved in this medical extraction incident.

Check it out!

East Evans Page 1 Friday

Page 1 of Tear Out Sheet.

East Evans Page 2 Friday

Page 2 of Tear Out Sheet.

Read the full report: “East Evans Creek Tree Strike Lessons Learned Review”

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  1. Great job on the medical response! Not to be picky but it is called the Medical Incident Report (MIR) not 8 line. Since the 9 line was changed those in the medical world have worked to train people to call it what it is. Thanks.

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