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The View from Here

Our normal ops were interrupted by the recent 35-day “Government Shutdown.” Given the short window to produce the winter issue of Two More Chains, we decided to use it as an opportunity to share and highlight a new publication from the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center (LLC): “The View from Here”.

This publication presents a collection of 16 essays from various authors. Most of these essays originally appeared in Two More Chains or were featured on the LLC’s Blog. They all share a common theme: How and why we must alter some of our most ingrained practices and perspectives.

From the Introduction of ‘The View from Here’:

This collection of essays—divided into three key categories: Risk, Culture, and Operations—daylights qualities and practices in the wildland fire service across a broad spectrum, from outdated and unwarranted to honorable and profound. We must acknowledge our current culture and its shortcomings while using its strengths to lead change.

The main intent is to provide awareness for those decision-makers operating at crucial levels who are empowered to influence how we interact with fire across the landscape.

We must align our perspectives related to risk and exposure if we are to advance our collective interest in the well-being of our workforce and our landscape.

To fully appreciate the task at hand, we must also fully acknowledge the culture that supports and shapes the work as it’s currently performed. This collection is intended to illuminate the complexity of interacting with wildland fire while revealing the simplicity of shifting perspective. Common understanding will lead to actions that will ultimately advance our collective well-being.

Use ‘The View from Here’ to Stimulate Group Discussion and Learning

These essays provide ideal material for group dialogue and learning.

Select one essay at a time for everyone on your staff to read. Set a time and discuss it together. What are the key takeaways? Has your perspective changed? Will you change your behavior? How will you take follow-up action related to the topic?

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