2 thoughts on “You Have to Look at It as a Cultural Problem.

  1. Any and all preparations need to be mandated for all burn situations that could occur. I “was” flat out told that we could/might have to go through such an incident.
    I fought fire fire for 12 years and I had to deploy in 1996. The year prior during our refresher, we were blessed to have, in house, a gentleman. – Curtis Heaton . Tell us of his incident. This firsthand knowledge and experience from this former IHC Supt., forever stayed in our minds. I feel that his words also enabled me to survive my 55 minute 3 time turnover. It’s been 21 years but I remember it like it was yesterday. While I was still in fire, I too, always taught that segment of 130/190 and annual refreshers.

  2. I am an Aussie Bushfire Fighter. I have also worked in Washington State, Idaho and Oregon. I would have to say the Australian firefighting culture is one that places a much greater emphasis on risk management. A very good example is the portable fire shelters the Americans use. We don’t even have them because our culture emphasises not being in that position to start with, rather than getting yourself into that position and then relying on a bit of tinfoil to get you out. Both countries have deficiencies and excellence. I think we should continue to work together and take the best practices and leave the worst behind. Cheers. Grant Tucker Operations Officer Level 2 ( Div Super in the US system).

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