One thought on “This Needs to be Said on a National Level

  1. I agree 100%.
    Another piece of the puzzle is unsafe situations that are pressed on us as firefighters and leaders by Agency Administrators. The two most dangerous situations I have been in during my career were created by intense public pressure and dictated by Agency Administrators. One was a division that did not have safety zones because the AA’s “would not allow that much resource damage.” Another was a burnout that was doomed to fail and everyone knew it, but we “had to try because of the values at risk.” Both situations were created because they occurred on high-profile megafires with a crush of media attention and tremendous values at risk, but decisions that affect our safety on small and large fires can end up being determined by things like Forest Plan standards or other guidelines that were designed without considering firefighter safety in an emergency situation. In those situations, we must put our brothers and sisters first at every level of decision making and demand better decisions from our leaders and ourselves. Our solidarity in rejecting these kind of assignments is the only defense against unsafe situations created by forces outside of the fire organization.

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