3 thoughts on “Hotshots tell us what they think about “The Big Lie”

  1. Kudos to the Asheville Hotshots for taking the time to read and think about and write about these topics. Everyone in the fire community should be doing this – there’s so much there. Collectively we are all so much better than we are individually in our silos; sharing thoughts like these makes us all better. I’ve always said that the best piece of PPE firefighters can have on the fireground is a functioning human brain. Looks like the Asheville Hotshots are well equipped.

  2. Virtually every fireline fatality can be directly related back to the 10 and 18. If you do not follow all the rules you have a huge risk of death. But to demean and disrespect over 50 years of firefighting experiences is dead wrong. I started with El Cariso in 1969 and they pounded us with learning the Fire Orders. Everything we do can result in death. Unless you follow the 10 standard paratrooper orders you will die when you jump out of an airplane.

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