How to package lessons?

Geyser1Yep – another one.  Another firefighter has been hospitalized with serious burns after their saw spewed fuel all over the place and then ignited.  This isn’t the only instance we see over and over again.  This one feels different because it’s a relatively new phenomenon, really within the past 3-5 years.  But vehicles catching fire while parked in the black is a common occurrence as well.  So are chainsaw cuts and getting hit by the tree your cutting down.  The lessons written down after these instances are a little different from time to time, but overall they are very similar.  Of course here at the Lessons Learned Center we dutifully ship those lessons out, no matter what they are, to anyone that will listen through email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Is it enough?

Is it effective?

Does boiling down the lesson to one salient point and writing it on an interesting picture change anything?  Are we really thinking the photo above is going to come across some sawyer’s twitter feed and that sawyer will stop and think “huh, now that I’ve seen this I’m  going to change the way I’ve been operating for years!”  Or maybe we are hoping that same sawyer won’t think much of it at the time but through the mystery of memories will recall this crucial piece of information the next time she finds herself reaching for the fuel cap near open flame.

It’s a nice fantasy…and our current practice says it’s better to put forth the effort and hang our hat on hope than to do nothing.

What do you think – will this make a difference?


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